About The Author

My name is Robert and I am an avid radio hobbyist. My Amateur radio callsign is K4PKM (formerlyAK3Q), and I have been interested in all things radio since the age of 10. I started out by listening to AM broadcast radio late at night under my covers (long after I was supposed to be asleep!) trying to see how far away I could hear radio stations.

I first found out about Shortwave and Amateur Radio from my cousin Mark (WB8APY). I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of being able to receive signals from all around the world from my own bedroom, and even more intrigued by the thought of actually being able to talk with folks across the globe. Nothing has changed over 40 years later, except that I am more hooked than ever on radio. My biggest regret was not getting my amateur license until I was in my 40s — but as often happens, life got in the way.

I am attempting to make up for lost time, however, and I regularly listen to shortwave, utility, satellite, AM broadcast, and of course amateur radio. I have worked about 175 countries from my small back yard, and I continue to find new areas of interest within the radio hobby.

I am currently a member of the OHKYIN Amateur Radio Society where I contribute my efforts toward outreach and education. I host a weekly Newcomers and Elmers Net on Sunday evenings, as well as write a monthly column for the club Newsletter, the Q-Fiver, called Elmers Corner.

I wrote for antenneX Magazine for a number of years, as well as having articles published in QST, The Spectrum Monitor, Monitoring Times and an Amateur Radio column in Scanner Digest. I have also written several books on Antennas and the Radio Hobby.

Here is to hoping we all get the best out of this incredible hobby!


Robert K4PKM