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Sharing A Personal Blessing


Many of our readers are familiar with The Shortwave Listening Post by Thomas Witherspoon, and consequently are familiar with his non-profit group, Ears To Our World (ETOW).

EOTW works with partners around the globe to provide radios to schools in areas where electricity is either non-existent or very spotty. The radios are ones we are familiar with, Tecsun Green-88, having the option of being powered by several means:

FM/AM/SW 4 Band Radio.

Ÿ           Proprietary tuning knob speed control.

Ÿ           2.5 inch Speaker with excellent sound quality.

Ÿ           Hand crank recharge.

Ÿ           High Efficient Power generator for cranking charging.

Ÿ           Built-in Emergency LED light.

Ÿ           Power supply mode: Built-in rechargeable 3.6v Ni-MH battery pack, 3 x AA size batteries (not included), Hand Crank recharge, AC adapter.

Ÿ           Earphone jack.

Ÿ           DC adapter jack.

I have had the privilege of helping out in very small ways here and there in the past, and recently had an opportunity to seek out a partner in Puerto Rico who could distribute the radios to needy people still struggling with power issues after their devastating summer. And while I will let Thomas tell more of the story on his blog (as it is still ongoing), I did want to share with this group what a blessing it is to be involved in radio in a new way through ETOW.

In the process of searching out a group we found an amateur radio club willing to help distribute radios in communities where they knew such radios were needed. When the first batch of 15 radios arrived they promptly gave out the radios and took snapshots of those receiving them. The joy on their faces was such a wonderful thing, and I felt both joy and humility at being able share in this outreach.

I am thankful to Thomas for having such an organization, grateful to have been entrusted to help out, and most of all to share in their joy. This is a very special part of the radio hobby which has again touched my soul.

I will leave it to Thomas to tell the whole story on his blog, and I hope I have taken nothing away from that by this post. All the credit goes to him, and to ETOW in general for being such a wonderful group. But I wanted to share with you all my sense of blessing in having the opportunity to be a part of this, and maybe encourage others to check out ETOW and become a part of this outreach. Cheers! Robert AK3Q


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