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Halloween Pirate Activity on the Air Tonight!


Passing along this excellent post from SWLing Post Blog on Pirate broadcast activity tonight. If you have never listened for pirate activity, or listened and not caught anything, this is a great night to hear multiple stations. – Robert

Haloween-Pirate-RadioHalloween is typically the most active day of the year for shortwave pirates…so, here are two things you’ll want to do this Halloween (tonight):

1. Hobby Broadcasting Blog

Check out Andrew Yoder’s pirate radio blog ,the Hobby Broadcasting blog.


Andrew is the author of the Pirate Radio Annual and a guru on shortwave pirate radio. Andrew has already logged some Halloween stations, as Halloween began last night in Universal Time.

2. HF Underground


Follow real-time pirate radio spots and loggings on the HF Underground discussion forum.

3. Listen!


Listen for pirate radio stations today and throughout the weekend!  Turn on your radio anytime today, but especially around twilight and tune between 6,920 – 6,980 kHz. Pirates broadcast on both AM and SSB; you’re bound to hear a few. If you’re brand new to pirate radio listening, you might read my pirate radio primer by clicking here. I will be listening until late in the evening.

Happy Halloween to all! 

Speaking of pirates, don’t forget: the Global HF Pirate Radio Weekend is this weekend!

Let us know what you hear, and you might want to have a recorder handy to capture what you hear (I have even had good luck sometimes just using a recording app on my phone placed near the radio speaker). Have fun!! 73, Robert


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