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A Shortwave Listening DX Contest


This was posted on SWLing this morning and I thought it worthwhile to pass on.

I have taken the survey and emailed it back to the club. I hope this happens–it’s a great incentive to be investigating the SW bands!! 73, Robert

Hello all SWLers and DXers:

I have been interested and actively participating in the Shortwave hobby for almost four years now. I have not seen a DX Contest originating in the USA in those years although we have a lot of SW hobbyists here and in North America as a whole. I have participated in the Canadian ODXC contests which were fun. A DX Contest has been proposed for all North American Shortwave DXers/SWLers to include those with Ham licenses. The survey below is to gauge response to the possibility of having this contest. If there are enough responses there is a possibly it will be sponsored by a Shortwave Club in North America. Personally I am excited about the chance to have one early next year when the DX conditions are optimum.


John P. Cooper

Click here to download, complete, then email the survey (MS Word).

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