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QSL Card From Pirate Station X-FM



Here’s a great example of a QSL report from Pirate Station X-FM Stereo Shortwave monitored Halloween 2015. Not only is it a beautiful card, Redhat (the Deejay) also included the playlist as a .txt attachment.

As I recall he also made live announcements of who had left reception reports/comments on the HF Underground forum as well as for those who sent him emails directly.

I sent a short recording as part of my reception report, and it was an added bonus to see that mentioned in his QSL card.

Here is the Playlist for the night:

-All Times UTC (Zulu)-
—-     11-1-2015 X-FM Halloween Showlog
—-    Signon 6975 KHz C-QUAM Mode
0034    X-FM Nooncat I/S
0041    X-FM Massive London Opener
0044    Opening Break
0048    X-FM C-QUAM World ID
0048    Stone Sour ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’
0053    X-FM Music Sounds Best on Halloween ID
0553    Live Intro
0053    Rob Zombie ‘Superbeast’
0056    X-FM Music Sounds Best on Halloween ID
0056    Live Intro
0056    Megadeath ‘She-Wolf’
0100    Live Break, Listener Shouts, Music Recap, Call from Liquid Radio
0108    X-FM C-QUAM World ID
0108    Live Intro
0108    Tool ‘Sober’
0113    Live Break, Music Recap
0114    T.Rex ‘Bang A Gong’ (*Requested Music)
0118    X-FM Music Sounds Best on Halloween ID
0118    Live Intro
0118    Black Sabbath ‘War Pigs (*Requested Music)
0121    Live Break, Listener Shouts
0131    X-FM Music Sounds Best on Halloween ID
0131    Live Intro
0131    Marilyn Manson ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’
0136    X-FM C-QUAM World ID
0136    Live Intro
0136    Monster Magnet ‘Space Lord’
0142    Live Intro, Music Backsell
0142    Ten Years After ‘I’d Love To Change The World’ (*Requested Music)
0145    Live Break, Music Backsell, Listener Shouts
0152    Toyes, The ‘Monster Hash’ (*Requested Music)
0156    Live Intro
0156    Type O Negative ‘Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)’ (*Requested Music)
0207    Live Intro, Music Backsell
0207    Smashing Pumpkins ‘Ava Adore’
0211    X-FM Music Sounds Best on Halloween ID
0211    Live Intro
0211    White Zombie ‘El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama (*Requested Music)
0215    Live Break, Music Backsell, Listener Shouts, Calls from Aquabat, and William Hassig
0222    Country Joe & The Fish ‘I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die’ (*Requested Music)
0224    X-FM Music Sounds Best on Halloween
0225    Blue Oyster Cult ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’
0230    Live Break, Listener Shouts, Calls from St. Louis, Dave, Fellow Pirate OP, Mr. Mom B, Clay
0244    Doors, The ‘Riders On The Storm’
0251    Live Intro, Music Backsell, Listener Shouts
0251    CSNY ‘Wooden Ships’
0257    Live Intro, Music Backsell
0257    MC 900 Foot Jesus ‘The City Sleeps’
0302    Live Intro, T/C
0302    Robbie Robertson ‘Take Your Partner By The Hand (Red Alert Mix)’
0309    Closing Break, Listener Shouts
0313    Radiohead ‘Street Spirit’
0317    X-FM C-QUAM World ID
—-    -Signoff-

While I would say the quality of this card and the information provided is exceptional, many other stations will send very interesting QSLs and each one is a treasure to me. Shortwave Pirate stations are folks who go to great lengths to do what they do for the love of music and radio. They are in a  class by themselves, and are not doing what they do to be disruptive or interfere with other stations like some of the FM Broadcast pirates.

At least that is my take on this element of the radio hobby, and so I enjoy every catch I can make! -73, Robert


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