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Pirate Radio Annual 2016



The 2015-2016 Pirate Radio Annual by Andrew Yoder is available for purchase, and you will not find a better collection of all things Pirate Radio around.


I have been getting this publication for several years since first finding out about it, and the work which has gone into this book is nothing short of amazing!


There are stories of pirate stations, as well as details about virtually all of the pirate radio stations mentioned, and the book is a more than respectable 229 pages along with a CD of pirate recordings!! All this for $16 +$3 shipping. What a deal! (And no, I receive no royalties for posting this – I still pay full price!)


This truly is a one-of-a-kind publication, and I highly encourage you to get this if Pirate Radio is at all interesting to you. Not only will you find frequency listings and times of operation, but hints on what to listen for and ways to identify a station. There are even notes about how long the stations have been operating.


Andrew has been listening to Pirate Radio broadcasts for over 30 years, so he is without question a real authority on Pirate Radio stations.


Oh, and I almost forgot, there are also lots of pictures of QSL cards from various stations, and they are quite entertaining all by themselves! My copy arrived today in the mail, and you can bet I will be pouring over this edition for some time to come!


I hope you pick up a copy and have fun chasing some Pirate DX. You can find out ordering information here. 73, Robert


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