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Some days you just miss the boat, er . . . ship, pirate ship that is! I apparently missed a lot of pirate ships this week according to the email newsletter report I get each week on pirate activity. Who would have thought the Thanksgiving holiday would have brought out so many pirates?! Maybe it was the anticipation of “Black Friday” with all the plundering and pillaging going on, reminiscent of Blackbeard and Black Bart! Whatever the reason, activity was unusually high, and I am sorry to have missed it. Here is a listing as recorded by the Free Radio Weekly #1031 from December 5, 2015:

Free Radio Weekly #1031, Saturday, December 5, 2015
Covering free radio activity from November 28-December 4, 2015

The Free Radio Weekly (FRW) is an internet newsletter devoted to the
hobby of listening to free radio “pirate” broadcasters in the
shortwave radio bands. The FRW is produced by the free radio community
and distributed to those who contribute.

The weekly deadline is Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North
America). Please send your logs to all the editors, as our editing
schedule is subject to last minute changes. Thank you for your inputs!

== FRW editors ==

Harold Frodge (yukon@tm.net)
Dave Turnick (caodwolf@gmail.com)
Larry Will (radio@zappahead.net)

FRW 1031 12/5 Larry
FRW 1032 12/12 Harold
FRW 1033 12/19 David
FRW 1034 12/26 Larry

== Contributors ==

Please QSL and think good thoughts about our contributors, without
who, there is no newsletter!

Joe Filipkowski JR

Harold Frodge
Midland MI, USA
Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie; 60 ft. RW & 185 ft. center-fed RW
GMC car radio for FMBC

Chris Gay

William Hassig

Glenn Hauser
P O Box 1684
Enid OK 73702
P- or E-QSLs welcomed
NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, FRG-7, PL-880, random wires

Ron Hunsicker
1238 Cleveland Avenue
Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102
ronhunsi at ptd dot net

Chris Lobdell
Tewksbury, MA
Receivers: E1, NRD-545
Aerials: 40 Meter dipole, G5RV dipole

John Sedlacek

Larry Will
Mount Airy, Maryland
Icom IC-R75 and G5RV dipole

== North American Logs ==

** Amphetamine Radio

Amphetamine Radio (amphetamineradio@gmail.com) 6955 USB / NOV 29 /
0215-0248*. Selection of classic rock tunes by Paul Simon, ZZ Top, The
Doors, and others.. Numerous SSTV images throughout broadcast, S/off w
U,S. Nat’l Anthem. (Sedlacek-NE)

** The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship – 3430.93 AM, 12-1-15 2347Z. Pop oldies. Wildly
varying signal strength, but mostly weak (Gay-KY).

TCS/The Crystal Ship SW Relay Service, 6850 AM, 2220-2244+, 11-26-15
SIO: 343 John Poet with “The Beat Goes On” program. Tunes by Paul
Revere, Tom Jones, Mamas & Papas, The Five Americans, etc.

** Fredric Chopin Radio

Fredric Chopin Radio, 6950.1 AM, 2215-2257*, 11-22-15 SIO: 121
Classical piano music, fading in and out, finally a definite ID as
“Frederic Chopin Radio” by OM just prior to close down. [Lobdell-MA]

** Liquid Radio

Liquid Radio, 6925am, 11-28-15, 2330utc, poor/weak, variety of music.

** Moonlight Radio

Moonlight Radio: 11/29/15 2333-2335 UTC 6930 USB. S3-4 with “Stars and
Stripes Forever”. (Filipkowski,RI)

6930 USB / NOV 29 / 2332-2347*. Sousa marches with station ID at end
of broadcast. Fair signal. (Sedlacek-NE)

Moonlight Radio, 6926 USB, 12-3-15 2330Z. Heard three songs by
Credence Clearwater Revival. Just a couple clear IDs. Generally weak.

** Old time radio

Old Time Radio 6770AM 27 Nov 2015 1216-1221 Cavalcade of America,
brought to you by DuPont. Real-life story of a Mr. Cutter. Became
‘unusable’ at 1221. (25332, Hunsicker, PA)

Old Time Radio 6770AM 2 December 2015 0041-0045 Weak, just usable
signal. “Your money or your life” comedy skit. (25442, Hunsicker, PA)

Old Time Radio 6770AM 3 Dec 2015 2225 Our Miss Brooks. Carrier about
25 dB above the noise. (Hunsicker, PA)

Old Time Radio, 6770am, 11-22-15, 0118utc, very poor, noisy, heard a
bit of “Amos and Andy”. (Hassig-IL)

Old Radio Program Pirate: 6770/AM, 0011, 30-Nov; Duffy’s Tavern. Fair
+++ 2051-210-1+, 30-Nov; Tune in to Canada Dry ad, “…good to relieve
afternoon fatigue”; into Sinatra’s? Three Coins in a Fountain; 2100
abruptly into Red Skelton Show (not Avalon Time) w/Borg-Warner
appliance ad. Fair w/warble & SS 2-way on 6770.5/U QRM; USB best when
SS QRM off. +++ 2157, 1-Dec; Close UNID comedy show to brief music;
ToH Lustre Creme spot into Our Miss Brooks. SIO=353- +++ 2201, 33-Dec;
Our Miss Brooks. Fair peaks (Frodge-MI)

** Pee Wee

Pee Wee: 11/30/15 0036 UTC 6952.6 USB. Caught SSTV tones but too weak
to decode. (Filipkowski,RI)

Pee Wee: 11/28/15 0343-0401 UTC 6954 USB. S4 with flute music, howling
wolf soundbyte, SSTV and “Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle Of Rum” tune.

** Radio Caroline relay

Radio Caroline relay: 11/28/15 1424-1450* UTC 6952 AM. S6-8 with
“Rebel Yell” Billy Idol, OM with British accent reading listener mail
and talking about the history of Radio Caroline. (Filipkowski,RI)

** Radio Clandestine

Radio Clandestine: 6930/U, 0014-0022+, 30-Nov; Folksy rock tunes;
man-on-the-street interview about leftovers; ID @0022. SIO=343- w/LSB
pesky QRM in FF? (Frodge-MI)

** Radio Free Whatever

Radio Free Whatever, 6950 USB, 2128-2210+, 11-26-15 SIO: 444/121. Dick
Weed without Stavin with live show, requesting phone calls to
302-689-6090. Played tunes by Lily Allen, Dave Navarro, Thom Yorke,
Silversun Pickups. Plugging his booster.com t shirt campaign.

Radio Free Whatever 6922.15AM 29 Nov 2015 2129-2230. Announced as a
punk rock program. Great signal. Sidebands disappeared at 2212 but the
carrier persisted until 2230. (55444 S9+, Hunsicker, PA)

Radio Free Whatever: 12/4/15 0309-0330 UTC 6925.7 AM. S3 with replay
of the 1941 Time Warp show. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Free Whatever: 11/29/15 2127-2148 UTC 6922 AM. S9+ until signal
faded away at 2148 UTC,DJ Dickweed and Stavin with their QRM metal
show featuring songs by Metallica, Helmet and Queensryche.

** RTN

RTN, 6930am, 11-21/22-15, 2345utc, very poor, noisy, heard bits of
audio. (Hassig-IL)

** Timber Wolf Radio

Timber Wolf Radio: 12/4/15 0029-0200 UTC 6940 USB. Very tough copy
with bits of music and wolf howls heard, up to S3 towards end of
listening period. (Filipkowski,RI)

** THX1138

THX1138: 6925/AM, 2137-2157+, 1-Dec; Pop/rock tunes including American
Pie & Barracuda. ID @2150+. SIO=3+33- w/LSB pesky & buzz burst QRM.

THX1138, 6925 AM, 1835-1931*, 11-28-15 SIO: 343. A bunch of rock tunes
by Tool. IDing as “THX 1138 – 25 watts” by OM/YL. Some audio from the
sci-fi 1971 movie THX 1138 as well. Nice audio, new station.

THX1138: 12/1/15 2100-2156 UTC 6925 AM. S5-6 and peaks to S7-8 playing
songs by The Who, Black Sabbath, Muddy Waters, Heart, Don McLean and
AC/DC. (Filipkowski,RI)

THX1138: 11/28/15 2106-2137 UTC 6925 AM. S8-9+ at start then down to
S5 by 2122 UTC, music by Billy Joel, BTO, Gordon Lightfoot, Blood
Sweat and Tears and Billy Preston. (Filipkowski,RI)

THX1138: 11/28/15 1806-1932* UTC 6925 AM. S7-9+ from this new station
playing lots of songs by Tool, clips from the THX1138 George Lucas
movie and ID as “You are listening to THX1138 at 25 watts”.

** Unid

UNID 6925 USB / DEC 03 / 0358-0420. Short clips of punk rock music
played intermittently, Fair signal. (Sedlacek-NE)

unidentified–only a carrier 6870AM 3 Dec 2015 0012-0103 Saw a carrier
in the waterfall and watched it for an hour. Tried USB, ECSS, and
Synchro, but there was nothing other than the carrier. It was about 30
dB above the general noise. (Hunsicker, PA)

UNID: 11/28/15 0128-0130 UTC 6924.5 USB. S5 with “Hair Of The Dog”
Nazareth and SSTV. (Filipkowski,RI)

** Wolverine Radio

6950.0-USB, Nov 29 at 0106, sad song by YL, 0107 Wolverine Radio ID,
at S9+30, equivalent level to WBCQ on 5109.7-CUSB and 7490, but 9330
is not on (yet); also mighty KBC via 125,000 watts in Germany on 7395
is only S9+35. Wolverine must be running hefty power level for a
pirate. Wish I could keep listening but too much else is going on
Saturday evenings! Recheck 0203 hears SSTV beeps so probably closing
down. MANY other logs here, Emotions the theme:
Others heard following immediately on 6950-USB weaker PeeWee Radio:

Wolverine Radio 6950USB 29 Nov 2015 0029-0104 About emotion,
happiness, gladness. Second That Emotion, Happy Together, I’m So Glad.
(A rising and falling noise, at a bit more than 1 Hz, began at 0047
that finally became intolerable at 0104 and I quit listening.)(25242,
Hunsicker, PA)

Sunday, November 29, 2015, 0045, 6950 usb. Wolverine Radio with music
by Cream and Blind Faith. s9/s15, very good. (Will-MD)

Wolverine Radio: 11/29/15 0005-0108 UTC 6950 USB. S7-8 with his
“Emotion” themed show playing songs “So Happy Together”,”I Second That
Emotion” and “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight”. (Filipkowski,RI)

Wolverine Radio, 6950usb, 11-29-15, 0025-0205utc, good sig with light
selective fading, variety of interesting tunes with a common theme of
feelings such as “I second that emotion”, and Jimi Hendrix “manic
depression”, SSTV/FAX at 0203utc. (Hassig-IL)

NOV 29 / 6950 USB / 0043-0202*. Music by Rod Stewart, Joni Mitchell,
and others. S/off with SSTV image of Happy/Sad masks. (Sedlacek-NE)

** XLR8

XLR8 6950USB 3 Decr 2015 0035-0102 Hip-hoppy stuff. Twinkle-Twinkle.
Regular ID’s. (35453, Hunsicker, PA)

== FM ==

** Unid

87.9 Midland MI, Xmas Music Pirate: 12:23-12:25* PM, 26-Nov; Non-ID
as, sounded like, “100.7 The (Path?)”, into next song & off abruptly.
I cannot match anything to this slogan. 100.7 here is dominated by
WITL Lansing, “Today’s Best Country”. Next day about noon, north of
Detroit, I sat on 100.7. It was dominated by CKUE Windsor, “Cool FM”
but every now & then, Xmas music wafted in. (Frodge-MI)

== European Logs ==

** Stress Radio

Stress Radio, 6270 AM, 2343-0030*, 11-27-15, SIO: 333 Lots of Dutch
polkas, talk by The Black Bandit/Johnny Tobacco, IDing as “Stress
Radio”. [Lobdell-MA]

== QSLs ==

** Amphetamine Radio

Amphetamine Radio: “G-Rated” E-QSL featuring image of mobile
transceiver for Nov 29 show. Thanks, AR. (Sedlacek-NE)

** Wolverine Radio

Wolverine Radio: SSTV Image from Nov 29 broadcast. (Sedlacek-NE)

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