Pirate and Clandestine

Pirate Radio at its Best!


Last night was Halloween which means Pirate Radio broadcasters are typically very active on shortwave radio, particularly between 6925 kHz and 6995 kHz. While I did not see a whole lot of activity, what was there was some of the best Pirate broadcasting I have ever heard. X-FM Radio was broadcasting on 6975 from “somewhere under the stars”, and their slogan is “Music to the Power of X.” They were broadcasting in stereo which gave a fuller sound, but I am sure it would have sounded better if I had AM stereo capability.

Here are two snippets of audio recorded from my Elad SDR and then broken out by Audacity:

Monster Hash (~3 megs):


Riders on the Storm (~6 megs):


The whole recording is about 2.5 hrs long, and about 129 megs in size. These are unfiltered–I might play around with the excellent options within Audacity to clean them up a bit, but that will be for another day. I really enjoyed listening to the program, especially the interaction of the deejay with emails and callers.

Pirate Radio happens all year long, but holidays are particularly good times to hear activity. If you have more interest in these types of broadcasts, I recommend the HF Underground board for postings/sightings of Pirate Radio ships, along with the Free Radio Cafe board. Posting sites have current reports of activity, as well as a lot of information about Pirate Radio in general.

While Pirate Radio (particularly on shortwave) is all about fun and freedom from “the rules,” Clandestine Radio is actually about covert broadcasts into countries where there is an oppressive government or where rebels are trying to gain support for their cause. Clandestine Radio broadcasts are much harder to catch, but these boards can help with that as well, along with some web sites devoted to Clandestine broadcasts. Information about stations can be found here and here as well.

As always, there is more to hear out there than any of us have time for, but catching special broadcasts now and then really adds some spice to the radio life! 73, Robert

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